vendredi 30 novembre 2007

Comics 30 nov

Here we are for the best comics of the week.

Sinestro Corps War part 10, Dave Gibbons has left Green Lantern Corps to be replaced by Peter Tomasi for issue 18. This is the big fight between the evil Superman Prime and Sodam Yat the ultimate Green Lantern. I won't reveal the outcome but given the result, one really wants to find out about the next part. When this started there was no indication there would be a dozen parts to this storyline (probably a score if one includes all the specials and tie-ins). In any event one keeps coming back.

Matt Wagner returns to his greatest creation: Grendel (an evil Batman). This series is mostly unpublished in France but this is one of these long-running creator-owned series that are so good. The story starts very strong. It is in black and white and red, a format the Wagner was the first to use (before Frank Miller started to use it in Sin City). A must-read.

American Virgin is one of the new Vertigo titles without fantastic elements. It's not either any of the classic genres like crime, war or western. I guess romance is the closest it comes to. In a way it's new for American comics although manga have already had comics of all kinds.

I'm not sure Death of the New Gods 3 should be part of this must-read list but I'll mention it until I make up my mind. I'm getting used to Starlin's new style and the mystery is interesting enough to want to find out what's coming next.

In Daredevil 102 Ed Brubaker presents a super-villains fight: the Enforcers vs the Wrecker and Razorfist. Fortunately, they don't wear spandex which would really not fit in the pulp style of Daredevil. Mr. Fear is becoming a fearsome character, trained in martial arts, which is a bit an off-characterisation but I guess it is part of exhuming old characters and making them interesting. New readers will certainly want to track pre-Miller issues of Daredevil now (and not just the Bullseye ones). I wonder if Brubaker has plans for the early villains like Killgrave, the Owl, the Masker Marauder, the Jester. He has already used the Matador, the Fellowship of Fear (Mr. Fear and Enforcers), the Gladiator.

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