vendredi 16 novembre 2007

comics 15 nov

Suicide Squad 3. I expected an 8-issue series. It still is but the first storyline completed so I guess it's a regular series that stops at 8. Great cover by JK Snyder.
Guy Davis is very strong in BPRD but I'd like him to do something else for a change or something more personal. I guess BPRD is a good breadwinner (it deserves it too).
The Skrull invasion in New Avengers is already old before it started.
Garth Ennis keeps turning out the best Punisher stories, even though he's been at it for several years (seven? eight?). An incredible achievement. After defining him as the man who lost his family, he brings up a baby daughter.
In Booster Gold Geoff Johns and Dan Jurgens have a very entertaining series with lots of guest stars and alternate timelines. At times Jurgens' art is reminiscent fo Starlin's. A very fun comic series (and Batgirl looks fabulous).

Dan Didio (DC's editor in chief) talks of growing in the 70s and loving titles like Secret Society of Super-Villains, where two villains battle for total supremacy. Indeed this was a typical 70s book (Marvel also had series featuring villains as well as villains war in regular titles) and a great concept. Since Didio is announcing Salvation Run and describes it as that kind of book, I will check it. There's a lot of 70s influence comics these days. Actually there are influences from many different periods, a way to please several generations of readers.

I had given up the Initiative with issue 2 or 3, thinking Dan Slott was miscast. I checked issue 7 since it features Peter Parker and the Scarlet Spider. Since Slott is about to write Amazing Spider-Man, I didn't want to miss it. It's a very good story. I still don't like the penciling (which is nevertheless better than at the beginning) and the coloring.

Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely dazzle in All Star Superman and the Curse of the Replacement Supermen. With Action Comics and Superman in the hands of Busiek and Johns, the Superman comics had not been so good since the glorious 1958-63 period that Moore pais homage to in Supreme.

World War Hulk concludes with an impressive battle vs the Sentry, an old tradition harking back to the fights of Hulk vs the Thing or vs Thor. It's well made for what it is. The future looks intriguing with three developments: Hercules, Red Hulk, Son of Skaar.

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