samedi 17 novembre 2007

Comics 16 Nov

In Wolverine 59 we get to see many versions of Wolverine. Though Chaykin very particular style detracts from the original look he's supposed to emulate, he som, etimes manages to bring a novel look to some of them. I think of his original costume from Incredible Hulk 180-182 that Chaykin manages to make good-looking.

In Thor 4, we see the return of the Warriors Three, some of the most memorable Kirby creations that owe more to Shakespeare's Falstaff and to Errol Flynn than to Nordic mythology. JMS and Coipel do an interesting story in Africa dealing with this troubled continent. JMS should have made the human altrer ego of Fandral Australian rather than British. As for Hogun, I would have seen him more Middle Eastern than San Franciscan.

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