lundi 14 janvier 2008

comics 9 Jan

Suicide Squad is fantastic. The concept has been copied very successfully in Warren Ellis' Thunderbolts which might explain why DC relaunched the title. A Showcase Presents volume was supposed to come out but was unfortunately cancelled. The latest issue sets up all sorts of betrayals to come. I hope the series is enough of a success that it becomes regular. It reads more like a continuing than a limited series.

Amazing Spider-Man 546 was the most awaited issue after Marvel set it back to basics. It has good points: a large supporting cast, a tongue-in-cheek tone, even in the editorial, and very good art. Even the previews of the upcoming art teams are promising. The creators see to have fun and to enjoy the wider leash on creativity they have been given.

Green Lantern Corps 20 creates the new set-up for the series, apparaently now focusing on Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner. I hope the spotlight will also be on the other members of the corps but I guess it was necessary to put recognizable names for the readership. The idea of Mongul with a yellow ring sends shudders down the spine. Given the success of the Sinestro War and the plans leading to the Blackest Night, that title will stay on my radar.

Spirit 12. Darwyn Cooke goes with a bang. The Spirit was the best new title of 2007. Taking over the character from Eisner was a daunting task. How do you take over a masterpiece? Yet, Cooke managed to update the series without violating the original.

The Simpsons Super Spectacular 6 has a crossover between the Simpsons and Radioactive Man. These stories are full of in-jokes.

Sheena Queen of the Jungle from Devid Due Publising s a guilty pleasure like most of the jungle girls we see since Frank cho brought back Marvel's Shanna.

Bat Lash is a very pleasant western. Too bad I've seen reviewers criticize it. It really deserves a look for the beautiful art of John Severin.

The Teen Titans Lost Annual is an oddity. Produced by some 60s creators like Nick Cardy, Bob Haney and Gaspar Saladino along with modern artists with a pop art sensibility, Jay Stephens, Mike and Laura Allred, it is utterly bizarre. Sixties teenage DC is dated.

Supeman 672 continues the story with the new Insect Queen.

X-Factor 27 continues Messiah Complex, the latest crossover. The title has lost its identity as it is only part of a continuing story shared with three other titles. The story feels like a wrap-up of elements introduced along the years, especially as it has the Marauders which were part of teh first crossover. Too early to tell where this is going but it was high time to get rid of all the clutter accumulated since 1987: Mr. Sinister, the people from the future, etc. Fans are fond of this stuff unfortunately.

Wolverine 61 also was coming back to its roots by gfighting Shingen Harada brought back from the dead. Chayking used the same panels as Miller with his own twist, an interesting approach.

So that's five X-Men titles who are rehashing past storylines.

Salvation Run is a disappointment. I read it expecting some of the tension inherent in having super-villains fight each other but the fantasy setting (alien planet) isn't good.

BPRD 1946 debuts this month. It seems Hellboy is such a success that Dark Horse can create spin-off after spin-off.

In spite in having an all-star lineup, Pat Mills, John Wagner and Dave Gibbons, Dor Who Classics 2 suffers from too much text and stories aimed primarily at children.

Jonah Hex 27 has great art from legendary Jordi Bernet. For a western to go on for more than two years shows how good the title is.

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