samedi 5 janvier 2008

comics 4 Jan

In Brave and he Bold, Mark Waid shows us his love for the sixties by giving us the Challengers of the Unknown, The Blackhawks and the Boy Commandos, H for Hero and the Metal Men, the new Atom and Hawkman team. George Perez does an excellent job. Too bad Waid is leaving DC.

Wonder Woman 15, in spite of its good girl art, is hard to get interested into. This is probably the main difference between DC and Marvel. Marvel never hesitated in dropping a character, no matter how popular he had been. The Sub-Mariner hasn't had a regular series. Character identification is difficult with a sovereign from an inexistent underwater nation. Wonder Woman is the same problem. These series can survive only through a supporting cast and both series have done away with theirs.

Crossing Midnight is this American comic invading manga territory, a Japanese fantasy. In spite of having the cover artist, letterer and sometimes colorist of Promethea (respectively J.H.Williams III, Todd Klein and Jose Villarrubia) Mike Carey and Jim Fern disappoint me in this one.

Thunderbolts continues to surprise. The first story arc showed the team on the side of the law attacking real heroes on the illegal side. This arc shows even more they are villains. Norman Osborn is described in his craziness, Venom is an inhuman monster. Swordsman who was rather uninteresting is suddenly the joker in the cards.

Omega the Unknown is too bizarre and I don't like the lettering. It doesn't have th epathos that Steve Gerber injected. I only hope this brings more attention to the source material.

For some real Steve Gerber we have Countdown to Mystery 4. This is a wild ride. However the other half of this anthology isn't worth it; So we have onlty 17 pages and a feeling that nothing happens. The new supporting character is interesting. Hope she'll appear again.

The Batman titles have al suffered a drop in quality with their Ra's al-Ghul crossover. Unfortunately it has sold well. This week's Detective Comics is no exception. Uninteresting story that could have been told in three pages.

Mark Texeira fits well in Moon Knight. His art even reminds me of Sienkiewicz around 1980. Suddenly the book seems better.

Annihilation Conquest continues the high action with two character deaths.

Invincible turned out to be the best super-hero book due to the lack of contenders this week.

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