vendredi 18 janvier 2008

comics 16 jan

American Virgin goes to its conclusion. Too bad. I think there would be still a lot of subject matter to cover but maybe it's cancelled for lack of sales.

Penance Relentless. I'm warming up to the story. Even though I am an unconditional Gulacy admirer, his work had looked unispired to me. The technogothic environment of Latveria changes my mind. The political statements give the story more depth. The Marvel Universe with its heads of state (Black Panther, Latveria, Atlantis, Subterranea, Attilan) is in the best position to spin stories taking advantage of the current political situation with the tensions between the US and Iran, Russia, Columbia, Serbia.
While these imaginary realms were once too fantastic an element, they can now be used effectively by writers as allegories.

Booster Gold 6 has that fantastic writing by Geoff Johns, as in the summary of Beetle's life. Blue Beetle is saved from death. I don't know how permanent this is after we were given to think that it was permanent. I'm hooked.

Amazing Spider-Girl in an old-style comic, more geared to younger readers. With so many internet posters claiming they discontinue ASM and will read this one, I'll look with curiosity at the sales figures.

Countdown to Final Crisis reintroduces elements from Kirby's Kamandi and O.M.A.C. I just hope DC will take the opportunity to make moe volumes of Kamandi available (a volume of OMAC is coming)

In ASM 547 Marla Madison doesn't look at all like she used to. Slott puts the story in the middle of the criminal world, which is good. Writers should go back to the Spirit influence that was shaping Ditko's vision (but do they realise that influence?).

I like Hercules 113. It has that mythical element that Walt Simonson used so well in Thor but for the Greek Gods. The enmity of Ares and Hercules is made real. Ares has his own agenda and his immortal perspective makes him dismiss current politics such as the Initiative but he still make a show of respecting the rules. Very good metaphor for current politics.

Resurrection is a new series from Marc Guggenheim telling the storis of what happens after an alien invasion. It's similar to The Walking Dead in a way. The title is not so well chosen. It starts well however.

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