vendredi 12 octobre 2007

Comics 11 oct

Exterminators is the kind of comics which is so unusual on the American market and not so by foreign standards. It remains a fun read. I would have thought Darick Robertson an ideal penciler after his work on Transmetropolitan, Fury and Punisher Born. Yet it is not so. A part of any standout comics is the novelty in the art. One doesn't have to be a new one. Many pencilers changed their style many years after they became professional: Miller, Chaykin, Byrne, Simonson.

Green Lantern is always as good as ever. The Sinestro War should be the story of the year at the next awards. This time Geoff Johns threatens to level Coast City again. He's like a musician playing familiar riffs in new combinations.

He's applying the same the same technique in Booster Gold, but this is not so successful.

Rick Leonardi has proved surprisingly good on Superman, proof that an old warhorse from the eighties can still shine.

Suicide Squad suffers from the lack of a team and the no-holds barred fights between mortal enemies. I doubt this series will incite enough interest for a follow-up.

Spider-Man: One More Day part 2 is much better than part I (with Iron Man). Dr. Strange is one of the few Marvel heroes that fits well with Spidey, no doubt due to their common original penciller Steve Ditko.

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