samedi 11 juillet 2009

Boody Rogers

I just bought the collection by Craig Yoe, Boody The Bizarre Comics of Boody Rogers.
This material is in the public domain and some can be found on-line:

The first is a Sparky Watts story which is in the collection, the second is a Babe story which isn't but which should be read as it introduces a characrter appearing in the collection.

This collection reprints mainly stories from Babe and Sparky Watts with just two teenage characters, Jasper Fudd and Dudley.

Sparky Watts started as a super-hero parody, one of the earliest ones, created in 1940. But he has none of the cliches such as a costume and a secret identity. It is full of fantastic creatures such as the one at the bottom of the cover.

The best part is Babe.
Babe is another parody, created in 1948. By then super-heroes had gone out of fashion to leave their place to romance and good girl art. Babe follows the good girl art trend and parodies Li'l Abner. The stories are full of innuendo. Another collection is in order.

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