dimanche 16 décembre 2007

More comics

New Avengers 37. To be concluded hopefully in the coming annual.

Punisher War Journal. Vs Kraven. Now this is a good idea.

BPRD Killing Ground concludes this week. Great comics.

Lone Ranger, nothing remarkable.

Bat Lash: Needs to be seen just for the John Severin art, for a man at 86 his hand is as sure as ever. Beautiful. Sergio Aragones writes, Walt Simonson on covers.

Suicide Squad is really good. It's a pity DC didn't release the Showcase Presents volume. Ellis stole the idea for Thunderbolts (which is also really good).

Exterminators has reached 24 and it deserves it. With its satire and social commentary, this is an intelligent comics. Now, if they could make a TV series out of it as was originally intended...

Many years ago, DC previewed a new series in New Teen Titans: Captain Carrot and his Zoo Crew. This series lasted 20 issues, quite an achievement. The character comes back with original penciler Scott Shaw! and new writer Bill Morrison. However Morrison doesn't achieve the kind of success he had with Radioactive Man.

X-Men First Class 6 is offering new stories in the style of the 60s.

Batman and Robin 8 has Frank Miller playing loose with everything fans hold sacred. Where it's unusual is that Lee and Williams do not have the caritural style of Miller. We don't expect that kind of storytelling with Lee and Williams.

Garth ENNIS gives us a good start on Dan Dare.

Savaeg Dragon is probably the only super-hero book that reminds us of the solo writer/artist books of the 80s when Miller, Byrne, Chaykin, Grell or Simonson really took hold of a character and did a great job.

Superman Annual 13 has all one could expect from Superman: the humanity, the Krypton mythology.

Jungle Girl 3 is very entertaining. It doesn't take Frank Cho on the script and pencils to make this genre a success. Of course, I could have believed it was Cho doing it all.

The Twelve looks promising. The design work on the characters is very interesting in itself.

The last and best is Green Lantern 25, the 72-page conclusion to the Sinestro Corps War with great previews of things to come for the next two years. This kind of long planning is what makes this series so good. The epilogue comes along with it in Green Lantern Corps 19 as well as the Tales of Green Lantern Corps Special Ion.

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